Friday, December 1, 2017

One Hint, One Day At A Time

Since I won’t be home for Christmas this time, I am thinking of decking this month with anything that represents the heart of the season–one hint, one day at a time–but only on my Instagram account. I started it today with this simple breakfast–a cup of hot coffee and a slice of apricot crumble from my favorite coffee shop called the Jars of Clay at the Russian Market in Phnom Penh. 

I have been looking forward to this day to come for the past eleven months. The season is finally here. I pray that this year's is full of wonderful memories to write down,  and very colorful ones to take photos, but above a lot of meaningful stories to tell. Join me in anticipation in spreading the love, in sharing, in caring with a thankful heart.  


Alone in Victory

How do you really celebrate triumphs in life? To many people everywhere, I suppose, they want it in a loud chorus or at the top of their voice for all the world to hear while I the total irony of it all. Last Wednesday, just a few days ago, I rejoiced over my victories in isolation–alone with my Creator and with a mug of coffee of course. I am not really an introverted person, but in some occasions, I rather be celebrating alone, in jubilation. Like this chance in particular.

As I counted each feather in my cap–feathers of great and small sizes–with a thankful heart, I knew they were only the end of a particular battle. There are more to conquer every single second of our lives. Isn’t it a reality in this unfair life and place we all live in? Anyway, whether or not life is perfect, I am grateful still. 

Walk and Coldness

Been coming up and down Phnom Penh last month, but never had the chance to walk around for health’s sake. I really prefer walking than riding a motorbike or haggling over a price with the tuktuk drivers. No ride, no hassle. Besides it is always healthy to walk. I can hear you agreeing with me. Thanks!

The other night, sometime last week, for the first time in eleven months, I started the walk again. I walked through the roads of 271, Monivong, and Mao Tse Tung including the small hems. The following mornings and so this morning, I did the same routine–same routes with the same purpose. The weather has been cool lately. It feels like Christmas is calling me home. Thank God for the coldness of the day and for the gift of life. I feel like I am the healthiest person ever.

Borrowed Time and Place

Glad to have been a complete outsider for once in my life right in this domicile not mine. Were it not for atypical existence, everything was just out-and-out uninteresting. I got lost several times but for every wandering turned out a beautiful disaster. I wondered about many things but that’s when I gained wisdom. This is only a borrowed time and place. Although it became my home for a while, but I knew it from the start that I won’t be here for a longer time. I might be coming back to visit in the future, but things will never be the same again perhaps. Through thick and thins, I learned to borrow a time and a place never I dreamed of my whole life.

Now and only until tonight, this place has become a home away from home. Tomorrow, this life will be as lovely as a memory. Sooner or later, it will be a history in the hearts and minds of those I had come to work with, to get acquainted with, to know well, to live with, and to love. And hope it will not just like waking up to dejavu. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A Hundred And Two

A hundred and two entries including this one and a few more perhaps in December isn’t that bad at all in terms of my writing/journaling goal for 2017. Last year, I had a hundred and twenty-eight stories posted here and that proves that I cannot surpass the total number of what I have this time still–for sure it won’t happen. I will be on the go starting this week–like sooner–not taking a laptop with me, and so I can’t promise myself to keep that momentum. But I am certain that the heavenly grace follows me and will see what chance is there in stored. This is my last as well to take advantage of the computer I’ve been using for months now, and I should not miss this opportunity to write at least another entry for the month of November. Then let us see from here.

Looking back at the first three months of this year, I am surprised to know about such a good start–a total of thirty-two articles when I only desired for fifteen. And then I had on-and-off scenarios a few times, but I was able to complete in time the minimum amount of write-ups needed for my concept in particular–“Behind Every Journey”–which is this year’s. Thank God for the strength, wisdom, and grace. This is not my final words without a doubt because I still have a month to put the finishing touches on for this blog. I shall return but I don’t know exactly when in next month. I hope it will be full of happy things to tell. See you all later or sooner!   


Monday, November 20, 2017

Back To Afternoon Routine

I started gaining weight as I turned twenty-one. It was my dream as a skinny guy at first but it became a nightmare eventually. Aside from health wise, I can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror so fat. I’d look like a walking ball. Why not? I am one of the shortest people living on earth. Gaining too much weight isn’t just for me. Let science explain, but I dislike how I have slower metabolism than others. I understand why, and for this reason, I am trying my hardest to stay fit and thinner than I am normally although I love food so much. I do an hour exercise every afternoon aside from other rituals to mind. Wish I could devour everything knowing food is really my weakness. It is irresistible.   

When I visited my boss over the weekend (just two days ago), I already had a prediction of a feast. His wife is a very good cook aside from a kind host. It was a cheat-weekend too hard to resist. I failed to spend my limit. I couldn’t walk away with total self-control. In short, I declared no diet. And when I came home yesterday, it felt like I was the chubbiest man in the entire planet. So I rushed back to my afternoon routine in desperation to burn fat and calories I consumed in two days. Like I said, I gained weight that fast. From now on until I reach threescore and ten or over, this will be a routine I will not even take ten and take for granted. Back to afternoon routine, that’s when I am happy.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Loneliest Blog

Soon–like in a month’s time, I will do myself proud (but not as proud as a peacock) for my determination blogging all these nine years long. When I started doing this, there was no expectation or whatsoever because I just wanted to try what it is really like. More than all this curiosity, now I know how it feels without a doubt. Accha! With this sad truth, I had to be in a constant reminder all the time not to fall for statistics or else I could have renounced this undertaking a long time ago. Any regrets? Not at all! This experience for years has taught me a lot of good things not only about writing. One perfect example was the innumerable grace of traveling. That’s when I learned to understand life deeper–both mine and of others. And from there a word and then a phrase and then a sentence and then a paragraph was conceived so I could narrate a journey–it didn’t matter whether or not it was a beautiful story.

Of course, it would be so hypocrite of me not to feel bad about my blog being so infamous. I will never ever deny this status. As a matter of fact (a fact of life perhaps) my blog is the loneliest one ever existing on the Net. See, here I am again in need to be harked back. But please don’t get me wrong, I am always grateful to every visitor who dropped by and who keeps coming back within this period of 3285 days. Thanks a million! My statistic below shows 35, 911 total pageviews and it doesn’t disturb me at all. I only wish for a few more views before this year ends–like 36,000 pageviews. I’d be so happy. I am not that hungry for numbers because I only wish to bless people with this gift of writing. Forget my whining and lamentations anyway–they are in vain. If you want a quiet planet to visit, consider my blog. Just kidding!