Thursday, March 8, 2018


One doesn't have to be famous or prominent to live up a dream. For even a lot of great philosophers including every unsung hero I have known would always as lief be remained nameless. Nonetheless, the word "unknown" still plays a significant vocabulary in the hearts of the many. A lot of people have lived out of the lime light all their lives and it didn't make any difference--we all breathe the same air after all. As for me, I still choose the same path even in the years to come.  

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Those are no ordinary ducklings, they are born wild--undisturbed even in the presence of a threatening situation. Needless to say, one can still find peace not only in the tranquility of the night but also in the midst of annoyances. It begins in us, deep within our soul--neither heart nor mind is bound to what the surrounding dictates. It is always a choice to be at peace with people and environment. 


So stranded on my own island of unwanted agony. But there is comfort in reality that it will not last long--it sure won't. Whether or not it s a terrible pain, we all go through it in some ways. Who is spared from the sting of suffering? No one! Each soul is prone to this fragility sad to say. 


We all have secrets kept in our hearts and minds, but they aren't all necessarily awful--not in every circumstance. Some of those are beautiful closures which only required the perfect time and the right place to reveal--in God's due time.


Someone's livelihood, somebody's discomfort--where abundant poverty is present--an oxymoron kind of day-to-day existence. We will never have a pretty grasp on the distinct life of fishermen unless we'd become like them ourselves. 

Just Play

When you feel life is playing around, just go with the flow. Sometimes swimming against the tide doesn't really help. It might telling you something--you'll never know it is out of the ordinary.



Whether it is a cultural diffusion or a cultural drift, glad McDonald's has his own way--a unique perspective so to speak. I call it a shared worldview out of cultural sensitivity both by an insider and an outsider. Grad school had taught me a lot about Intercultural Studies, but it didn't stop there because reality started the moment I left the training ground as a life-time intercultural educator. I failed a million times--many of which hard knocks occurred. That's how I found something out the hard way. It was actually an agenda to thrive in the end. Sensitivity doesn't limit only one side of the coin--both insiders and outsiders have a part to take.